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PRO TIPS TO CRAFTING AN INVITING RENTAL LISTING. Do you have properties for listing and hoping to rent out your properties as soon as possible? With so many houses for rent in Subang Jaya, the competition is strong. With so many competitors out there, it seems like nobody is viewing your posting of your rental. Worry not, this article will guide you through thepro tips in crafting an inviting rental listing.

1. Create emotional bond with readers

Be catchy. Catch your possible tenants’ attention. As most people typically only read the first two sentences of an article, make sure your sentences stand out. Make the two sentences count. You should emphasize your unique renting proposition while creating an emotional bond with the readers. Look at the big picture. Do not be lazy and do a bullet point listing. Write them down and tell the readers why the features that they read matter and how your property is different from other listing out there. Be unique. Your choice or words matter as well. Tell them why it is worth it to rent your place. Elaborate more on your description. Use wordings that trigger one’s emotion, such as family, safety, investment, health and so on. Link the feature, nenefit and emotion when it comes to describing. For example, “there is a spacious garden (feature) in this house and it would bre great for family parties (benefit) that will allow families to create stronger bonds (emotion)”, and it definitely sounds so much better than just “this huge has a huge garden” where it most probably only works in discouraging potential renter.Most importantly, avoid using caps locks and extrea exclamation marks in your description.

2. Stop being a captain obvious

You do not need to tell the readers what they already know. Stating to obvious will not make your listing stand out. It might even create annoyance among people who read it. Explain further as people would not want to just know that your condominium has elevators. Elaborate more on how many elevators there are in a block of condominium and how many floors there are altogether. Tell them how many car park space is provided instead of only telling them there is car park space provided. People want to know what they do not know. Tell them extra information about your proety that they do not see in the photos you posted.

3. Take photos professionally

Pictures play an important role in inviting rental listing as well. Recent survey has shown that people want to see the pictures of the house before deciding whether to rent the property or not. Make sure you capture your property with a better camera that catches even the tiniest and smallest detail. If you do not have a camera, an iPhone 5s with an 8 megapixel camera is sufficient to produce good quality photos. Remember to only use good quality photos. Make sure it is captured under good lighting to prevent grainy blur photos. Take photos during the day so that you will have enough natural sunlight or you could invest in a good flashlight to ensure good quality photos. If not, the flashlight from a phone camera will do. Choose imporant items to capture as well, such as master bedroom/bedrooms, living room, bathroom, kitchen and anything that is special or unique about your home. However, you do not need to take redundant photos such as the television table or the windows. Most importantly, make sure the place is clean and uncluttered before taking photos as you want to show the home as being organized and neat. After all, people remember pictures better than they remember words.

4. Be clear and precise

Majority of the readers loathe reading unconcise and imprecise information. Be clear when you describe your property. Avoid using shorthand while writing. Do not assume that everyone understands what you are describing. For example, instead of using 2b/2b, write it out in full sentence: 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. You need not to be too fancy when it comes to describing as well. There is no need for you to add any exaggerating adjective to the description of number of bedrooms and number of bathrooms. That however, does not mean you should not spend extra effort in describing your property. Make sure you describe your property in a positive, bright and cheerful way that will make the people who read it comfortable and happy. Tell them what makes your home better than the other houses for rent in Subang Jaya. Know that there is a difference between attractive and redundant as well when it comes to describing your home.

5. Do not withhold price

Nothing annoys interested renters more than having to contact the person in charge for extra details of the rental price after spending a good 10 minutes reading your listing. State the price in your listing. Most people get put off when the property owner asks to call or fill in inquiry form when it comes to the pricing of the rental. Doing so will only deter potential renters from being interested in your listing. Furthermore, there is no reason to be secretive about your rental price. With good pictures and interesting description, people who are interested in your listing will surely be attracted to it regardless of the price.

In conclusion, there is a lot of work to do when you rent out your house. It is more than just stating the location, type of house, number of bedrooms and so on. The key to creating an inviting rental listing is to stay positive and have an abundance mentality. With the tips given above, slowly but surely you will attract people to be interested in your listing. So sit back and be patient. Of course, it requires a tinge of luck as well.

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